Multi talented production trio Aquasky reaffirm their long-standing relationship with Moving Shadow by recording their latest Aquasky vs Masterblaster breaks LP “STAYFRESH”‚ for our burgeoning breaks imprint Shadow Cryptic. When Moving Shadow set up an imprint with a natural affinity for breaks, Aquasky vs Masterblaster were always in our minds, especially after the storm caused last year with their massive remix of Shadow classic ‘Lords of the Null lines’ (Shadow165R) whilst their storming take on Omni Trio’s breakbeat classic ‘Renegade Snares’ (Shadow166R) is currently creating global havoc on Moving Shadow.

Their first release on Shadow Cryptic, with it’s nod to the old skool vibe and awesome bass lines, was ‘Shadow Breaks’ / ‘Planet Earth’ (Cryptic002). Receiving much acclaim from the press and reaching No.2 in DJ magazines ‘Beats & Breaks’ chart, the crew heralded ‘Shadow Breaks’ as the “best breaks tune we’ve done”, a proclamation backed by the likes of Tayo, The Freestylers, Plump DJs, and Way Out West’s Jody Wisternoff.


“STAYFRESH” is the second long player project the lads have recorded under the Aquasky vs MasterBlaster moniker. Their heralded production skills and unfounded ability to twist out heavy basslines and infectious melodies saw them swiftly signed up by Botchit & Scarper - a relationship which has spawned some of breakbeats heaviest floor-fillers. These high-energy beats were captured perfectly on their seminal debut breaks LP ‘Beat the System’ (BosLP014) released on Botchit Breaks in 2002.

This new LP shows ASvMB revamping their output producing 10 tracks encompassing nearly the entire spectrum of breakbeat. From the techy styles of Rennie Pilgrim to the party jams of Krafty Kuts, the dubby vibes of Freq Nasty alongside the grimey sounds that the boys captured on Beat the System. With the appearances of Daddy Freddy, the Guinness record holder as the fastest lyricist in the world alongside the unforgettable Ragga Twins you will not be disappointed. Straight out of Trenchtown, Jamaica, Freddy rocks a serious reggae vibe on the album track ‘War’ whilst the Ragga Twins add their distinctive vigorous urban chants on the single ‘Coffee’ and LP track ‘Dem No No We’ taking you back to the start of the nineties and their renowned Shut up & Dance days.

Want to check it out now? As a special bonus, registered users of the Moving Shadow Web Site can access the mixed CD of the release by tuning in to msxfm :-)

... SINGLES ...
  Aquasky vs Masterblaster (Feat. The Ragga Twins) - Coffee (Cryptic 004)

The first release from "STAYFRESH", COFFEE sees the Aquasky boys draft legendary scene pioneers ‘The Ragga Twins’ back in on vocal duty following the huge response to last years ‘Loko’ on the Botchit & Scarper stable. It’s a full-on upbeat energetic breaks affair that fuses subtle strings, 4/4 style breaks, and a rebounding funk-fuelled bass line that just keeps on rolling. Guaranteed to smash it up on both the breaks and garage scenes throughout.

Future Funk Squad - Press the Button / 9 Below (Cryptic 005)

Glen Nicholls aka Future Funk Squad makes his debut on Shadow Cryptic with two slices of breakbeat pressure. First up is a heavy bass lead affair in the shape of ‘Press the Button’. With a sample that sounds like it was taken from a seventies BBC synthesiser tutorial, Press the Button’s Retro drums and killer layered basslines are twisted up in a deep synth heavy vibe that is sure to lock heads to the dancefloor wherever it’s dropped. Flip over for the drifting breakdowns, shifting bass and bongo fuelled funky head nodding breaks of 9 Below - a sure-fire breakbeat stormer!


Aquasky vs Masterblaster) - Take it to the Floor / War (Ft Daddy Freddy) (Cryptic 006)

Take it to the Floor sees Aquasky once again flex their awesome production muscle. Pure firing block party breaks are the order of the day here in this ass shaking, system wrecking bassline monster! Flip over for the Old school opus that is War featuring legendary Daddy Freddy. War nods it’s head to early old school cuts like 1993’s “Durban Poison” by Babylon Timewarp. The inclusion of Daddy Freddy’s raw tones and urban lyricism takes it to another level though as his chants battle in the mix with the breaks & bass onslaught. But with Freddy's killer Jamaican accent and a serious dubby backing track you know this ain’t no lightweight affair.


Dom vs Calyx vs Dom - Pnuematix (Sledgehammer) / See The Light (Shadow 167)

Meanwhile, back in the Moving Shadow ring, Dom fires up this head to head 12” with Pnuematix (Sledgehammer). Dom’s heavy influence can be heard straight away with his crushing basslines, deep pulsating sonics and tight as you like amen. Calyx weighs in on the opposing side with heavy influence over the duo’s second collaboration, this time recorded at his South London studio with Dom taking the assistants seat. Calyx's inimitabl acid riffs and rising synth washes give way to a wall of elevating bass, robotic voices and rock solid beats in this stunning composition.
Who wins though? You decide…


Omni Trio - Thru the Vibe remixes (Shadow 168)

Following hot on the heels of the MASSIVE High Contrast remix of Renegade Snares comes another HUGE reinterpretation of one of Omni Trio’s finest moments. Step forward John B to take on the legendary track ‘Thru the Vibe’. John twists the vibe into a spine tingling dancefloor monster. All the uplifting elements of the original are there with the added injection of John’s synthetic reese style basslines and firing amens. This has been causing mayhem on dubplate for a while now and the interest in it has been phenomenal. The wait is finally over... Just for good measure we’ve included the seminal ‘2 on 1’ mix that was originally released in 1994. A true breakbeat classic.

... LIMITED E.P's ...

Deep Roots - Fiasco EP (MSXEP25)

Deep Roots heads back to the Shadow with a brand new 4 track EP of varied flavours. The first 12” starting off with a beautiful chilled out affair in the form of ‘Fiasco’ with it’s layers of building percussion and gentle, phasing guitar melodies that drift alongside the warm offbeat bass stabs. Flip over for the darker, heads down breaks and filtering synths on the driving dancefloor opus that is ‘Allergic’. Disc 2 kicks off with a return to the lighter side of Deep Roots nature with the aptly titled ‘Sound of Summer’. Warm drifting strings and more whistful guitar melodies glide below lazy breaks, rhythmic percussion and tepid bassline injections. The EP comes to a close with the morphing synth phases and pulsing bass of ‘Motive’ that cannot fail to work the floor with it’s suspenseful string builds and head nodding breaks.

Calyx - Killa EP (MSXEP27)

Calyx has been steadily rising as one of the scenes most talented producers and innovators for the last couple of years and now has forthcoming singles/EP’s on Grooverider’s Prototype and Goldie's Metalheadz labels respectively. He's also lining up a release for Dillinja’s Valve Recordings imprint - It’s good to see that this production maestro is finally getting the props that he so richly deserves. Watch this space! ‘Killa’ has been causing utter mayhem over the last few weeks but there are three other tracks on this EP. ‘Ascension’ sees a light energetic break skipping over ice cold pads and moody vocal textures. As the soundscape drops into an atmospheric abyss, a viscous, oscillatiing, distorted b-line sweeps in and builds to a devastating drop of pounding breaks and heaving moody bass. ‘Collision Course’ washes from atmospheric drones and a heavy, rolling break into a twisting, bouncing acidic riff which emerges and evolves as a driving, hypnotic hook. ‘Just You’ though has a distinctly latin feel, the intro of a lazy acoustic guitar loop and light shuffling breaks give little indication of the dark funk to come. From out of the warmth a dirty double bass riff emerges, combining with a heavy, twisting lo-end synth and monstrous distorted 808s to produce layer upon layer of heavy, nasty calyx-funk flavas

Future Prophecies - The Overdrive EP (MSXEP28)

Teebee cohorts and burgeoning Norwegian drum and bass prodigies Future Prophecies bring us their first release on Moving Shadow’s long standing MSXEP project. With an album on the way on Teebee’s highly acclaimed no-nonsense ‘SUBTITLES’ imprint and singles for Outbreak and Hardware also in the pipeline, this highly talented duo are stamping their mark on dancefloors worldwide. These guy’s are definitely hotly tipped to shake the scenes foundations in the coming months. ‘Plastic Dreams’ starts with a beautiful intro which comes to an end when the track breaks down to a prodigy influenced arp line. The beats drop and soulful dreamy vocals take you on a ride through this deeply melodic and moody bass-led journey. ‘Overdrive’ is just distortion! An industrial, sci-fi intro with burning phased beats introduces the overdrive vocal before the track drops with a crushed b-line and some heavily distorted amens, later breaking down with some dreaded old school ragga vocals and a massive junglist sub b-line giving it a breathtaking old school vibe. ‘Aftermath’ is kicked off with an electrifying technoish synth riff followed by dark cinematic athmospheres introducing the earthquaking bass to come. A heavy two step beat charges forward with plenty of effects and hip hop vocals building up to an infectious acidic melody. ‘Basse the Bastard’ starts out with spacey athmospherics over heavily filtered reece basslines. A Dominator like synth riff is introduced together with some, shall we say ‘interesting’ female vocals. Feel the pressure drop as hard hitting pitched down amens collide in. The bass onslaught continues to build with layers of samples and effects that maintain the thunderous vibe right through to the end.

What next? The end of another year.

See you after the holidays with more updates,

The Moving Shadow Team

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